Treating Back Pain At Home

Back pain usually lasts for two to three weeks and can be cured by self-medication. However, if you already feel unusual weakness and numbness. It’s better to consult a doctor because they might be signs of serious problems.

Apply cold or hot compress

If you suffer from back pain, you should apply ice for at least 20 minutes and repeat it four times a day. You can also put the ice in an ice wrapper or a towel and apply it on the part of the back where you can feel the pain. After the pain subsides, It commonly lasts for almost two days, after that you can alternately apply warm pads or heating pad in the back for 20 minutes. The things that can help warm the pain are warm compressor, heat lamp or warm bath. To avoid burns, always pay attention or do not sleep when you are applying heat to your back. You can set an alarm for you to know the exact time when to release the heat pad at your back.

Use over the counter medicines, If needed

Sometimes, pain can be relieved by using over- the -counter medicines. The said medicines can be used without prescription from your doctor but, you need to be careful when reading and understanding the instructions that are directed. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen also prevent swelling and pain. If you are taking other medicines other than that, you need to consult your doctor for further clarifications.

Combine rest with gentle movements

The common cause of back pain is lifting heavy things. If you suffer from back pain take time to rest. It doesn’t mean that you will take bed rest. You should know that staying in bed can just slow down your recovery. Try some gentle movements that will help your muscles at the back move and stretch. Even if you feel better, do not immediately lift heavy things. It can just bring back the pain or can worsen your condition.