Soaps help our skin maintain moisture, remove dirt and remove excess oil. In short, it makes our skin healthy. But there is a type of skin that needs certain soaps to use. You should know what type of skin you have and what kind of soap is best for your skin.
Your skin type and the right soap for you
Oily skin
This type of skin is more prone to irritation. Strong soaps are not advisable to be used in this type of skin. You can wash your face frequently with soap that contains sea salt, brown sugar, peach pits, and oatmeal. These ingredients remove excess oil in your skin and reduce its damage. Lastly, they are gentle on your skin.
Dry Skin
Dry skin means that our skin doesn’t have enough moisture. Beware of harsh soaps that may not be suitable for this type of skin. Use soaps that have moisturizing properties and with glycerine because it absorbs water that is present in the air. Also, soaps that have aloe vera, avocado, coconut oil, and vegetable oil are the best to use.
Sensitive Skin
Having sensitive skin is not a problem. There are a lot of soaps that are available and suitable for this skin type. Just make sure that the soap has no colorants or perfume and it is pH-balanced.
Combination Skin
This type of skin is dry and oily at the same time. You should not use soaps that are for oily skin or dry skin solely. Glycerine soaps are the best soaps for people with this type of skin.
Normal Skin
For normal skin type, avoid using soaps that are meant for dry or oily skin. Instead, use herbal soaps.

It is important to know what type of skin you have and what soap you need for your skin. You should choose the right soap for your skin to avoid irritation or skin problems.

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