Neuropathy is a medical term used to describe a few conditions that influence the nerves and can cause bothersome and painful symptoms. This is a common complication due to diabetes and may be a effect of chemotherapy treatment.


You should talk first with your doctor before beginning any new supplements or changing ya treatment plan. Sometimes we love to make experiment like combining treatments, pain medicine, and various strategies to deal with symptoms, yet we should be careful as it might cause us danger. Remember, herbs and supplements can interact with one another and with any medicine you’re taking.


Best supplements for neuropathy and their benefits:


  1. B vitaminsare helpful in treating neuropathy since theysupport the nervous system. Peripheral neuropathy is brought about by a vitamin B deficiency.



  1. Alpha-lipoic acidis very usefulin treating neuropathy brought about by diabetes or chemotherapy. It’s said to lower glucose levels, and improve nerve function.


  1. Acetyl-L-carnitine is an amino acidand also an antioxidant that raisesenergy to make healthy nerve cells, and decrease pain in individuals with neuropathy.


  1. N-Acetyl cysteineis a type of cysteine. It’s an antioxidantand an amino acid. Its has many benefits like treating neuropathic pain and diminishing inflammation.


  1. Curcuminis a cooking herb that known for its anti-inflammatory effects, antioxidant benefits, and pain-relieving properties.


  1. Fish oil playan important role because of its calming effect and its capacity to repair damaged nerves. It also helps in relieving muscle soreness and pain.


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