Menopause is a natural condition that all women experience when they age. The term “menopause” refers to any changes a woman experiences either just previously or after her periods stop. This means that her reproductive period has ended.


Bones become less dense due to menopause, and this is why women are prone to fractures. During this period, the body uses energy in a different way, fat cells change, and this causes weight gain.


Menopause is triggered by a hysterectomy or surgical removal of the ovaries which produce hormones. Just in case you have medical procedure to remove your ovaries or uterus you will probably encounter the sign of menopause right away.


There are lot of natural remedies for menopause like the following:


  • Red Clovermay help diminish skin aging by increasing collagen levels which have connections and impact on menopausal conditions like vaginal atrophy. The said remedy is not suitable to be used in women with hormone-dependent cancers of any kind or in people with blood-clotting abnormalities.


  • Dong Quaihas been used by Chinese practitioners to treat gynecologic conditions for over 1,200 years


  • Ginsengmay help with some menopausal side effects, like mood swings and sleep


  • Kavareduces tension during hot flashes. But this is not applicable for those who  with liver disease.


  • Evening Primrose Oilis a natural herb supplement that can relieve hot flashes.


Always keep in mind that when using some treatment, we should use it with caution.


Natural supplements are not regulated and prescribed as recommended drugs. That is why in order to be sheltered against danger, inform first your doctor regarding every single supplement you are thinking about and treatment must stop within two weeks before any planned surgery.

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