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    VITAMIN B-COMPLEX is the most advanced high potency blend of all B-Complex vitamins. The B-Complex vitamins work together to sustain all metabolic processes from energy production and fat metabolism to healthy cell growth, including hair, skin and nail growth, as well as detoxification (liver), immune function and tissue repair. The B-complex vitamins are also as essential to healthy brain and nervous system function as they are to heart and cardiovascular system function. It has been well-established that our availability of B-vitamins is constantly challenged by age and stress, as well as the consumption of alcohol and medications.

    • Once-daily complex that contains vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, Folic Acid, Biotin
    • Designed to improve mental & physical energy, heart & blood health, and improved stress response
    • Sustained release formula releases nutrients gradually, throughout the day

    The typical diet falls far short of our most basic requirements for B-vitamins, particularly B12, due to its extremely poor availability in the diet and its very poor absorption from foods and supplements.