Bone health

Bone health is important especially when we get older. Our bones get weaker and more fragile. One of the bone problems that many elderly suffer from is osteoporosis. This happens when the bone becomes more porous and is more prone to fractures. This is because your bones don’t get the right nutrients that they need. Some supplements and vitamins can help you prevent osteoporosis.


Adding calcium to your diet is important. Calcium can help your bones be stronger and prevent the risk of bone fractures and loss of bone mass.

Vitamin D

This so-called “sunshine vitamin” is obtained through sunlight. It helps bones to quickly absorb calcium that makes our bones stronger.


Magnesium also helps our bones to be strong. You can take a supplement that contains magnesium or better to look for foods that are rich with magnesium.

Vitamin K

This vitamin maintains bone density and reduces the risk of bone fractures.

Having osteoporosis is hard. And you need to take care of your bone health. You can avoid or treat this by taking supplements that your bone needs. If you ignore the early signs of osteoporosis it might cause more serious health problems.

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