Preventing Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis means that our bones are becoming fragile and weak. This becomes more visible when we get older. An active and healthy lifestyle, proper food nutrients and avoiding bad habits such as smoking and too much consumption of alcohol can prevent osteoporosis.

Eat calcium-rich foods

Calcium is one of the needs of our bones to stay strong. Some foods contain calcium that can help you prevent osteoporosis; dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt are one of the richest sources of calcium that you can eat. Also, fat-free and low-fat products, calcium-fortified orange juice, cereals, fish with edible bones and some vegetables can be good sources of calcium. The amount of calcium that people aged 19 to 50 need is 1,000 mg per day. Older adults need 1,200 mg a day.

Consider a calcium supplement

Calcium can’t just be found in some foods but also in some supplements. The most affordable and commonly-used calcium supplement is calcium carbonate. It is more effective when taken with meals. Calcium citrate is more easily absorbed but needs more pills to get the required amount. Beware of using calcium phosphate as it can cause constipation.

Get enough vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for enhancing calcium so that it can surely reach your bones. Multivitamins may contain Vitamin D, but if its not your option, you can take calcium supplements that may also contain vitamin D. There are also fortified milk products that contain vitamin D. But the most basic way to get vitamin D is to expose yourself to morning sunlight. You can stay in the sunlight for 15 minutes, about two to three times a week.

Exercise regularly

Physical activity can also help you slow down bone loss. It can strengthen and improve bones. You are not just physically fit but also osteoporosis-free.

Avoid smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol

Smoking don’t just destroy your lungs, it can also damage your bones. Too much smoking can cause bone loss. Too much consumption of alcohol can accelerate the chances of bone loss and reduce the absorption of calcium. So think twice before using them.