During pregnancy, women tend to be picky when it comes in choosing foods to eat.

Every pregnant women should know that eating a nutritious diet can enable them to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child as well.

Don’t skip breakfast. Try to eat oats with fruits during breakfast and include supplements rich in calcium.

Eat food rich in fiber. Pick some assorted vegetables and fruits, similar to carrots, cooked greens, bananas, and melon. Eat a lot of beans and whole grains. Prefer to eat brown rice or cereal.

Choose healthy snacks like fruits and low fat yogurt.

Take someprenatal vitaminthat is rich in iron and folic acid everyday. Iron helps your blood be healthy during conception while folic acid helps avoid birth defects.

Include 12 ounces a week of fish or shellfish in your meal. Avoid eating fish with mercury content.

Avoid a variety of cheeses and lunch meat. There are a few foods that may have bacteria that can put your baby’s life at risk.

Stay away from liquor and limit caffeine intake during pregnancy. Try to drink decaffeinated tea or coffee. Drink more water rather than soft drink.

Avoid exposure to cigarettes because second-hand smoking can kill and can cause serious illnesses to your baby inside the womb.

Don’t used cleaning solvents like lead, mercury and pesticides.

Always maintain safe travel habits, like proper use of seat belt.

Set limits for yourself, it’s a good practice to manage stress and anxiety.

Getting enough sleep plays an important role in the developing baby.

Practice exercisingregularly to help maintain good health for yourself and the baby.