Living with arthritis: Assistive devices

Arthritis is swelling or inflammation of the joints. This can usually be experienced by older individuals. Assistive devices can help you to be independent in your daily routine when your having an arthritis. Consider the following tips that can help you:

Hand aids

Arthritis can limit your daily movements. Hand aids are made for easier and comfortable ways of doing jobs hat need hands. They maybe in form of large handles, rubber grips for pen pencils, light and long-handled broom and dustpan to prevent you from bending while working.

Grooming and personal hygiene

Having arthritis means not only your movements are being limited but also your work. Even taking a bath is a hassle. However there are bathing aids that can help you reach the parts of your body without you. Use a long-handled brush or scrub for you to reach some parts of your body. And to avoid the slippery floor of the restroom, use safety treads which you can hold or can be used as guide in entering a bathroom. Also, choose a toilet that has a higher seat so you can use it without too much bending. For your teeth you can use toothbrush to easily clean your teeth. Having arthritis doesn’t mean you can’t do your personal hygiene like a normal individual.

Getting dressed

This simple task can be quite hard for people who are suffering from arthritis. But there is nothing to worry about, because there are some aids that can help you with your outfit. These maybe in form of zippers and button pullers, a sock notch that helps you wear your socks, shoehorn and a long-handled comb that can fix your hairstyle. Don’t let arthritis stop you from doing the things you love.


In the kitchen

Cooking is fun, but what if you have arthritis? Well it’s not a big deal at all. There are so many kinds of alternative aids that can help you in terms of cooking even you have arthritis. No need to exert more effort because there are can openers, soft bag handles, and non-slip chopping boards that will help you. There are more of these helpful alternatives. It’s up to you on how you will discover them.Now, you can enjoy cooking without worrying about arthritis.

Cleaning home

If you have an arthritis, cleaning the house will be the most challenging part for you. It requires more energy and time. But the solution for that is very simple; just simply choose cleaning tools that have long handles, and a comfortable chair to sit.

Without this you don’t need to bend or reach something while cleaning.