Guarding Against Dry Skin

As we get older, our skin becomes less active and dry. The skin decreases the ability to restore the oils and fluids removed by the soap and water that we used everyday. But we can prevent damage and dryness by learning tips on how restore the glow of our skin:

Taking a bath everyday

Taking a bath every day can help lessen the sign of skin aging. But make sure to use gentle and effective way of cleaning.

Limit time and temperature

You can use warm water when taking a bath. It is good for your skin and immune system, you can now enjoy the warm water with lot of health benefits

Select soap carefully

Choosing a soap for your skin is very important. Choose a soap that won’t eliminate the natural oils in your skin. There are soaps that can irritate our skin. Go for soap that is delicate and can moisturize your skin. Soap is not bad for our skin, you just need to choose the right soap for your skin.

Pat dry, don’t rub

Many of us usually rub our skin with a towel after taking a bath. Rubbing your skin can cause skin irritation, redness, and swelling. Simply pat your skin until it dry’s.

Seal in moisture

To maintain the moisture of your skin, apply oil or cream very day after you finished bathing. The areas that you need to prioritize is the legs, arms, elbows, and back. This are the one that always exposed to the sun.