Fertility is one of the problems of couples. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 out of 10 couples has infertility. However, there are ways on how to boost fertility and to increase the chances of having a baby. OTC supplements also couples with fertility.

Supplements for Fertility

Folic acid

It is also known as B9 vitamin. Folic acid reduces the risk of spinal tube defects. It helps women before or during pregnancy.


This supplement can both help men and women who have infertility. In women, it can boost egg quality while in men, it improves sperm concentration. The common side effect of CoQ10 is stomach upset that can be treated easily.


This supplement is very beneficial in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome. It is also good in cycle regulation and mood stability.

Vitamin D

This “sunshine vitamin” improves women’s fertility and improves your chances of a healthy pregnancy. Women with high levels of vitamin D have higher chancesof being pregnant than those with insufficient vitamin D.


Many diseases are related to gut problems. Probiotics help in maintaining a healthy gut. When we take proper care in our digestive system, all systems in our body can benefit, including the reproductive system.

Fish Oil

It is scientifically approved to be an effective supplement for fertility. It improves the function of the uterus. Taking fish oil as your daily supplement can help you achieve better fertility.

Taking these supplements can help a couple with having a baby. They can also bring about different health benefits to the body. Remember to consult your health specialist before taking these supplements. Also, talk to your doctor if it is good to take these supplements with other medicines.