Ensuring Proper Lighting

As we aged, increasing the overall lighting in our home is best way that we can do, for us to see clearly and avoid unpredictable accident to happen.

Position lights appropriately

Proper positioning of the light can help you do things easily. There are appropriate lights that has a soothing effect on eyes like lampshades. The light coming from it just hit the ceiling and floor and not directed to your eyes. There is also a light that has an adjustable switch which you can simply adjust the brightness for your comfort.

Turn down glare

Shiny things can be reflected in the light and sometimes can be irritated to the eyes. Choose matte surfaces instead of shiny tabletops and polish floors. And also select wall paints that are not glossy and off white shade.

Good quality glasses for the eyes

UV lights and radiation can damage our eyes. But you can avoid this by using anti-radiation glasses or buy wrap around glasses. This can help you see more clearly.

Prioritize your needs

If you have an eye problems, there are some glasses that suit your needs that enable you to see clearly. And some of it are not that too expensive. But at first,It is important to consult with an eye specialist for a recommendation of perfect eyeglass for you. You can also make your glass lenses dim, so that if you look to direct sunlight  your eyes won’t hurt. However, the process of darkening your glass can take a long time. So make sure that these lenses are fit for your eye needs.