Controlling Dandruff

Dandruff is caused by often exposed in sunlight or not taking a bath regularly . There are ways on how to manage dandruff: Use shampoo regularly Shampoo can remove dust, dirt, and oils that stuck in your hair, then eventually it will become the cause of dandruff and itchiness. Using shampoo everyday can help remove flakes from … Read more

Guarding Against Dry Skin

As we get older, our skin becomes less active and dry. The skin decreases the ability to restore the oils and fluids removed by the soap and water that we used everyday. But we can prevent damage and dryness by learning tips on how restore the glow of our skin: Taking a bath everyday Taking a bath every day … Read more

Spotting Skin Cancer

There are various types of skin cancer, and there are also ways on how to spot the sign and symptoms of skin cancer, even the deadliest one called Melanoma. Melanoma Melanoma usually develops in moles or dark spots of the skin. But it can also occur in normal skin. For you to know if your moles are cancerous or not, Try to examine … Read more