Staying mentally sharp


Let your memory work more and develop habits that can help against age-related memory loss. Make associations Our brain tend to forget names in an instant as you get older. One of the ways to remember a person’s name is to think about what is attractive to him or her. For example, Fred has red hair, … Read more

How to choose a blood pressure (BP) monitor

Blood pressure

Knowing your blood pressure can help you prevent high blood pressure or stroke. You can track your blood pressure at home by using a home monitor between consultations. To know what home monitor is best for you, ask for a recommendation from your doctor. Know your options Heart attack can happen anytime, so its better … Read more

Exercising for a healthy heart

Heart Attack

Regular exercise can prevent heart attacks and stroke. If you are in middle age or older and suffering from some health problems, exercise can help you reduce the symptoms and make your body more active despite your age. Consult your doctor about an exercise program and what will be the benefit of this to your body … Read more

Reducing your risk of stroke and heart attack

Heart A ttack

Probably the most ideal approache to secure yourself against a stroke or heart attack is by not smoking. Here are different ways: Maintain a healthy weight Being overweight builds your danger of hypertension, elevated cholesterol levels, cardiovascular disease and diabetes — risk factors for a stroke and heart attack. The cause of being overweight is lack of … Read more