Living with arthritis: Assistive devices

Arthritis is swelling or inflammation of the joints. This can usually be experienced by older individuals. Assistive devices can help you to be independent in your daily routine when your having an arthritis. Consider the following tips that can help you: Hand aids Arthritis can limit your daily movements. Hand aids are made for easier … Read more

Treating Back Pain At Home

Back pain usually lasts for two to three weeks and can be cured by self-medication. However, if you already feel unusual weakness and numbness. It’s better to consult a doctor because they might be signs of serious problems. Apply cold or hot compress If you suffer from back pain, you should apply ice for at … Read more

Preventing Osteoporosis


Osteoporosis means that our bones are becoming fragile and weak. This becomes more visible when we get older. An active and healthy lifestyle, proper food nutrients and avoiding bad habits such as smoking and too much consumption of alcohol can prevent osteoporosis. Eat calcium-rich foods Calcium is one of the needs of our bones to stay strong. Some … Read more