Do Health Supplements Work?

Do Health Supplements Work? Health supplements are a multi-billion dollar market worth 36 billion in 2017 alone. Each supplement has a clear promise, such as stronger bones, clearer skin, and a healthier immune system. While watching television, commercials for these health supplements will pop up and inevitably make you think: Do health supplements work? Is-of … Read more

Facts About COVID 19


Coronavirus disease or COVID 19 is a newly discovered coronavirus. It is an infectious disease that causes severe acute respiratory and common colds, affecting the upper respiratory tract, including the throat, sinuses, and nose. The SARS-cov-2 virus is the one responsible for the coronavirus disease.  COVID 19 was first identified in China last December 2019, … Read more



Diabetes happens when glucose or blood sugar is extremely higher than usual. Glucose is essential, for it is the source of energy and the brain’s propellant.  The causes may vary depending on the type of diabetes. However, what kind of diabetes you have, it leads to the overproduction of glucose in the body. Having extremely … Read more


blood checking hypotension

Overview Hypertension is a common condition and is also known as high blood pressure. It occurs when the pressure of blood is too high while pushing towards the walls of the blood vessels. Hypertension may cause other complications, including heart attack, heart failure, aneurysm, and other heart diseases.  Hypertension commonly occurs in adults, especially in … Read more