Exercising for a healthy heart

Regular exercise can prevent heart attacks and stroke. If you are in middle age or older and suffering from some health problems, exercise can help you reduce the symptoms and make your body more active despite your age. Consult your doctor about an exercise program and what will be the benefit of this to your body and health.

Start at a comfortable level of exertion

Heart attack can prevent by simply walking every day. Walk at least 5 to 10 minutes over short distances indoors. Walking can make your heart healthy, can prevent strokes and heart attacks and also can lower your cholesterol.

Schedule regular exercise

Regular exercise is important. For see the effectiveness of your workout, go for 30 to 60 minutes or more workouts a day. Just make sure that your body knows when to stop working out.

Include a variety of activities

Different exercise can lessen the possibility of heart attack. Combine three types of exercises: outstretching to flex your muscles, endurance for your heart’s exercise, and weight training that increase the strength of your muscles. Also include exercises with three levels of intensity: the warm-up, work out level and cool down. These factors and steps on how you will workout are very important to know. Make it a daily habit for a healthy living and reduce the chances of heart attack

Cross-train to reduce your risk of injury

You should alternate different types of exercise that can improve each part of your body. Swimming, jogging, boxing, bicycling and walking are the examples of workouts you can do alternately to prevent heart attack and stroke.

Don’t overdo it

You can begin your workout slowly and build up gradually. This allows your body to rest and recover between workout sessions. The saying “ No pain, no gain” is not true when a little muscle pain turns to unbearable pain. If this happens, stop what you are doing and ask for some help from a professional gym instructor or from your health provider for some more easy and more comfortable exercises.

Increase your physical activity

You don’t need to go to the gym to stay fit and healthy. Even routines that you can do at home can help you stay at fit. Gardening, scrubbing/mopping floors are examples of indoor exercises. With this simple steps you can already reduce the chances of heart attack or stroke. Also, simple outdoor activities such as biking and jogging can make you fit and healthy.