About Us

Gebix Pharma aims to make health products and services accessible to all Filipinos regardless of socioeconomic status. It follows the dictum “good health for all”. It mixes professionalism and health experience with quality products and services. It aims to set up a health care system with complete medical products and services in areas that are typically underserved by most hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies/drugstores. It also aims to offer complete life-saving emergency drugs and medical supplies to hospitals with no easy access to giant drugstore chains.

Aside from maintenance medications, we offer injectable drugs and supplies typically used by physicians in emergency room/trauma room departments to save lives. We have medications and medical supplies/equipment for cardiopulmonary support and resuscitation. Our clinic specializes in adult medicine and home health care.

Our team comprises doctors and nurses who treat patients in hospitals, clinics, and at their homes. We provide 24/7 home care physician and nursing services focusing on elderly/palliative care. We provide nursing services at the convenience of your own home while also delivering drugs and medical supplies to your doorstep.

Gebix Pharma dreams of building up several branches across the country to provide pharmaceutical services (both distribution and retailing) and medical services (clinic and home care nursing support).